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Other P.E.T. Institutions
Sl. No. Institution Name URL
1 P.E.S. College of Science, Arts & Commerce, Mandya. https://pessacmandya.ac.in
2 Shankara Gowda College of Education, Mandya. https://sgcedmandya.ac.in
3 P.E.S P U College, Mandya. https://pespucollegemandya.org
4 P.E.T Post Graduate Center for Education and Research [M.Ed], Mandya.
5 P.E.S Law College, Mandya. https://www.peslawcollegemandya.com
6 P.E.S Evening College, Mandya.
7 P.E.S High School, Mandya.
8 Krishik Sarvodaya Foundation P.E.T Competitive Exam Training Center, Mandya. https://mandyakrushiksarvodaya.com