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The Education Commission has recommended college autonomy, which is the instrument for promoting academic excellence. Only 10% of the eligible colleges were targeted to make autonomous at the end of X five year plan. P.E.S. College of Engineering (PESCE), Mandya has become autonomous in the year 2008.

Autonomous colleges are free to make use of the expertise of University departments and other institutions to frame their curricula, devise methods of teaching, examination and evaluation. The parent university will accept the methodologies of teaching, examination, evaluation and the course curriculum of its autonomous colleges. It will also help the colleges to develop their academic programs, improve the faculty and to provide necessary guidance by participating in the deliberations of the different bodies of the colleges.

The right of autonomy may not be conferred once and for all. It has to be continuously earned from the college. The status of autonomy will be granted initially for a period of six years. Each autonomous college will, with the approval of its Academic Council, formulate an appropriate mechanism to evaluate its academic performance, improvement of standards, and assess the extent and degree of success in the utilization of autonomy. In addition, there will be two external evaluations, the first after four years and the second after six years. The latter will determine the continuance or revocation of autonomous status.

The university will review the functioning of autonomy in an autonomous college at the end of the fourth year with the help of a committee constituted for the purpose. This committee may consist of: -one nominee of the UGC; one nominee of the parent university; one nominee of the State Council for Higher Education and two experts from outside the state to be nominated by the university. Dean (Academic Affairs) is the Member Secretary of Academic Council. The Academic Council consists of panels of expert's drawn from academia of the highest caliber.

Academic Cell

Dr. B Dinesh Prabhu Ph.D.
Dean (Academic)
Dept. of Automobile Engineering
Mob: +91 94804 77812
Dr. Girish Babu M C Ph.D.
Deputy Dean (Academic)
Assistant Professor,
Dept. of CS&E
Mob. No : +91 99868 86421