PESCE Alumni Affairs -> Chapter Expectations

Chapters are the main point of contact for alumni activities in different regions and countries. A chapter will, at a minimum, adhere to a basic set of terms of reference and work towards agreed goals. However, each chapter will agree priorities and the activities important to them and their community. As a result some may wish to be more formal and to adopt a constitution.

Volunteer-led alumni chapters are entirely legally and financially independent from the PESCE, but are officially recognised as alumni chapters by the PESCE. They can also have their own group page within the PESCE alumni LinkedIn group.

Chapters are expected to fund and organise their own activities and events. However, there may be situations in which the PESCE partners with a chapter on a particular activity for example; an alumni reception attended by the Principal, an academic workshop that features senior PESCE academics, or a VIP fundraising dinner. In these cases, the PESCE, in consultation with the chapter, will typically help the chapter organise, run, and pay for the activity.

We ask that every chapter strive to maintain a consistent presence within their community by:
  • Hosting at least one event per year. This could be a networking event, careers talk or event a cocktail making event!
  • Supporting alumni events in the local where possible.
  • Communicating effectively with fellow alumni and the Alumni office.
  • Ensuring that the PESCE receives details of upcoming events at least four weeks' in advance. This ensures that these activities can be shared with interested alumni.
Some chapters may have additional, more formal elements that could include:
  • Fundraising events
  • A Newsletter to members
  • A Formal Constitution