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List of Guides
Sl. No. Name of the Research Guide Phone Number Email-Id
1 Dr. K.M Jagadeesha +91 78999 03374
2 Dr. J Venkatesh 9448648108
3 Dr. K.B Siddegowda +91 94480 46090
4 Dr. N Jagadeesh +91 9449203469
List of scholars awarded Ph D.
Sl. No. Name Guide Name Title of Research Date of Final Viva Completed
1 Prof.Krishnamurthy Dr.J.venkatesh Experimental investigations on machining properties of TiB2 reinforced A1-6063 composite materials using K20 inserts 28-03.2014
2 Dr.K.B.Siddegowda Dr.J.Venkatesh “Studies on the properties of lubricating oil & performance of MPFI Engine using Gasoline Ethalnol Blends” 22-12-2016
3 Dr.B.Dinesh Prabhu Dr.J.Venkatesh “investigations on tribological properties of particulate filled polymeric composite" 06.07.2020
4 Srikanth H.V. Dr.J.Venkatesh A Study on Suitability of milk dairy waste scum biodiesel for CI.Engine 19-01-2019
Faculty Research Details
Sl. No. Name Guide Name University/Research Center Topic Status
1 Prof.M.S.Channegowda Dr.J.Venkatesh VTU Registered
2 Mr.Akshay R.N. Dr.mahendra mani G VTU Registered
Research Scholars
Sl. No. Research Scholar Title Status
1 GOPALA REDDY “Dynamic study of Cars performance and stability Registered
2 AMITH M G “Parametric study on improving energy efficiency of building envelope Course work Completed
2 M.P.SANDEEP Numerical and experimental investigation on using of potential biofuel in CI Engine and effects on the properties of lubrication oil” Course work Completed
2 V.MANOHAR Experimental investigation of artificial wind power generation by using helical coil heat exchanger chimney Comprehensive Completed
2 N.MANJUNATH “Experimental minvestigation of effect of biodiesel on the performance of catalytic converter” Comprehensive Completed
Sl. No. Name International / National Journal International / National Conference Total
1 Dr. K.M Jagadeesha 13 06 19
2 K.Ramesh - 06 06
3 M.S Channegowda 01 03 04
4 B. Dinesh Prabhu 10 - 10
5 N.Jagadeesh 07 02 09
6 G.D Srikanth 02 - 02
7 Akshay R.N - 02 02
8 Anand Raj .S 05 01 06
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Sl. No. Application Number Application Date Title Faculty Status Grant Date
1 28-02-2020 Aluminum Nano-Hybrid Composite Piston Rings for Diesel Engines N. Jagadeesh FER Submitted
2 18-03-2021 Development of Megawatt Wind Turbine for Optimal Management of Small Agricultural Farms Dr. N. Jagadeesh Granted 12-05-2021
3 23-07-2021 High Flow Oxygen Therapy Device Dr. N. Jagadeesh Applied
3 18.09.2021 High efficient hybrid vehicle maintains & Controlled system Dr. B Dinesh Prabhu Applied
Funded Projects
Sl. No. Project title Year Funding Agency Amount (Rs.) Status
2 4