Automobile Engineering -> Overview

The discipline Automobile Engineering was established in the year 1980, and now it has gained expertise and contributing vitally to the Automobile Engineering community. The focus is to consistently pursue in providing innovative and quality training to the talented and dedicated students, to empower them in engineering the development of national economy, specialized in transport sector

We are the pioneers in Karnataka to introduce the Department of Automobile Engineering to impart sound automotive knowledge to the students with a passion towards Automobiles. We take honour in being recognized as a 'research centre' in Karnataka by VTU and Mysore University.

In addition to these regular programmes, this department is also actively involved in conducting Faculty Development Programmes, Technical talks, Training programmes and technical visits to various industries & regular industrial trainings for the benefits of students. The department has well qualified and well experienced faculty members to meet the present day curriculum requirements both in theory and practical.


“To be a distinguished centre for imparting quality education in automobile engineering to develop competent and socially responsible engineers and carryout research on continuous basis for the betterment of the society”


The Department of Automobile Engineering is committed to

  • AUM1: To give best learning experience through innovative teaching practices supported by excellent laboratory infrastructure and exposure to recent trends in the automotive industry.
  • AUM2: Provide in-depth knowledge in automobile engineering with equal emphasis on theoretical and practical aspects and interdisciplinary problem solving skills.
  • AUM3: Inculcate societal responsibility and ethical values through personality development programs.
  • AUM4: Focus on Industry-institute interaction, for better understanding of the state of the art technologies, Promoting research and also to build the spirit of entrepreneurship.
Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

Graduates of the program will be able to

  • PEO1: To prepare Graduates to pursue a successful career in automotive and allied industries and/or to pursue higher education and/or to become entrepreneur.
  • PEO2: To develop expertise in the core area ofautomobile engineering such as design, manufacturing, and servicing with a focus on research and innovation for the benefit of the society.
  • PEO3: To enable graduates to apply interdisciplinary engineering knowledge to solve practical automobile engineering problems.
  • PEO 4: To prepare graduates to demonstrate professionalism, team work, communication skills, ethical conduct, and societal responsibility and adapt to current trends by engaging in lifelong learning.
Program Outcomes (POs)

Engineering Graduates will be able to

  • PO-1: Graduates will apply the knowledge of mathematics, Physics, chemistry and allied engineering subjects to solve problems in Electrical and Electronics Engineering.
  • PO-2:Graduates will Identify, formulate and solve Electrical and Electronics Engineering problem.
  • PO-3:Graduates will design Electrical and Electronics systems meeting the given specifications for different problems taking safety and precautions into consideration.
  • PO-4: Graduates will design, conduct experiments, analyze and interpret data.
  • PO-5: Graduates will use modern software tools to model and analyze problems, keeping in view their limitations.
  • PO-6: Graduates will understand the impact of local and global issues / happenings on Electrical Engineers.
  • PO-7: Graduates will provide sustainable solutions for problems related to Electrical and Electronics Engineering and also will understand their impact on environment.
  • PO-8: Graduates will have knowledge of professional ethics and code of conduct as applied to Electrical Engineers.
  • PO-9: Graduates will work effectively as an individual and as a member or leader in diverse teams and in multi-disciplinary settings.
  • PO-10: Graduates will communicate effectively in both verbal and written form.
  • PO-11: Graduates will plan, execute and complete projects.
  • PO-12: Graduates will have the ability for self- education and lifelong learning.
Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs)

Specific skills enhanced in this programme can enable the Graduates to

  • PSO1 Apply the basic and advanced knowledge of automobile, manufacturing, materials and thermal engineering to analyze and solve a realistic/practical problem.
  • PSO2 Design basic automotive systems and make use of advanced automotive systems to improve the performance, safety, maintenance and management of automobiles.
  • PSO3 Use modern tools and carry out research in automotive domain for providing solutions to automotive and societal issues.