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Dr. P.A. Prashanth.

Associate Professor & HOD
Educational Qualifications
  • Physical Organic Chemistry
  • M.Sc. Manasagangothri, University of Mysore, Mysore
Areas of Interest
  • Chemical Kinetics & Material Science

National / International Journals

  • “ N P Bhagya, P A Prashanth, R Hari Krishna, B M Nagabhushana, H Ramachandra (2020). Enhancement of luminescence properties of SrTiO3:Sm3+ nanophosphor by charge compensator Li+ ion. Optical Materials, Volume 107, Issue 3, Pages 110 – 115
  • “ G S Arjun Kashyap, G K Prashanth, P A Prashanth & H G Nagendra (2020). Protocol for Medicine and Technology for COVID-19 - A Mini Review. Asian Journal of Applied Science and Technology, Volume 4, Issue 3, Pages 51 – 60
  • “K R Mohana, P A Prashanth, B M Nagabhushana, G M Krishnaiah, H G Nagendra, M S Dileep, G K Prashanth (2020). In vitro antibacterial and anticancer response of MgO nanoparticles prepared by solution combustion synthesis. International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, Volume 29, Issue 8s, 2020, Pages 3668 – 3677.