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Dr. H. Ramachandra

Professor & HOD
Educational Qualifications
  • Ph.D - Physical Organic Chemistry Manasagangothri, University of Mysore, Mysore.
  • Master Degree- M.Sc. Manasagangothri University of Mysore, Mysore
Areas of Interest
  • Physical Organic Chemistry

National / International Journals

  • Akshatha. A, Sundara Rajan. J. and H.Ramachandra. (2016).Moisture dynamics in paper oil insulation of sealed transformers in presence of sulphur compounds. International Transactions on Electrical Energy System, Wiley, Vol. 07, pp. 3452-3468.
  • H. Ramachandra, Akshatha. A and Sundara Rajan.J. (2016). Understanding the effects of Copper Sulphide in transformer insulation by different Chemical and Analytical Techniques. Journal of Environmental Research and Development,( India), ISSN0973 – 6921; Vol. 10, 04, pp. 621-634.
  • H. Ramachandra, Akshatha. A and Sundara Rajan. J. (2018). Recovery of in-service mineral transformer oil containing reactive sulphur compounds by Liquid-liquid extraction method. Journal of Environmental Research and Development, (India), ISSN0973 – 6921; Vol.10, 06, pp. 721-734.