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List of Guides
Sl. No. Name of the Research Guide Phone Number Email-Id
1 Dr. R. Mahalinge Gowda +91 9844248272
2 Dr. Gopi siddappa +91 9448745759
3 Dr. G P Shivashankara +91 9448886809
4 Dr. H.S Suresh Chandra +919741523181
5 Dr. T. M. Prakash +91 9448824956
6 Dr. Jayashankar Babu B.S 91 9448106566
7 Dr. S. Poorna Prajna +91 9986807991
8 Dr. H C Chowde Gowda 9886974060
List of scholars awarded Ph D.
Sl. No. Name Guide Name Title of Research Date of Final Viva Completed
1 A R Vinod Dr.R.M. Mahalinge Gowda Comparative pilot plant study of selective packing medias as fixed beds for Sewage treatment 2016
2 Sharmila G V Dr.Shivashankara G.P. Assesment and A role of precipitation on ground water quality 2017
3 Keerti Gowda B S Dr.G. L. Eshwar Prasad Experimental and theoretical studies of filler filled composites under dynamic loading 2017
4 Lokeshwari M Dr. Nanjundaswamy Solid waste management issues in mysore city 2018
5 Vijaya Kumar Y M Dr. Gopi siddappa Studies on Jacked Reinforced Concrete Columns 2019
Faculty Research Details
Sl. No. Name Guide Name University/Research Center Topic Status
1 Umme Hamida Dr.G.P.Shivashankara VTU click here for more
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Funded Projects
Sl. No. Project title Year Funding Agency Amount (Rs.) Status
1 Ultra-thin Cement Concrete Overlays for Flexible Pavements 2011 AICTE 13 Lakhs Completed click here for more