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Dr Radhika M N

Assistant Professor
Educational Qualifications
  • Phd In "Electronics", University of Mysore, PES College of Engineering, Mandya
  • M-Tech - VLSI Design and Embedded System VTU Extension centre, UTL Technologies Limited, Bengaluru.
  • B.E. – Electronics & Communication Engineering Coorg Institute of Technology, Coorg
Areas of Interest
  • Estimation, Tracking, Filtering, Data fusion

National / International Journals

  • M. N. Radhika, S. S. Parthasarathy, and M. Mallick, “Numerical Simulation of a Highly Maneuvering Target in 2D Using the Bayesian Framework”, International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research, vol. 9, no. 2, pp. 3262-3269, Feb. 2020.
  • Radhika M. N., Mahendra Mallick, Xiaoqing Tian and Jing Liu, “ Performance Evaluation of IMM-based Nonlinear Filters for a Highly Maneuvering Aircraft”, 2021 International Conference on Control, Automation and Information Sciences, Xi’an, China
  • M. N. Radhika, S S Parthasarathy, M. Mallick, “IMM-CKF and Posterior Cramér-Rao Lower Bound for a Highly Maneuvering Target”, Solid State Technology, vol.63 Issue:4, August,2020