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Started in 1999 with admission capacity of 40 students, the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering now offers UG program with an intake of 180 students since 2019. Accredited by the National Board of Accreditation, the department has well-qualified and dedicated teaching and support staff and well-equipped laboratories to fulfill the academic needs of the students. The department with academic autonomy granted by VTU since 2007, also conducts special courses on advanced topics, to bridge the gap between the curriculum and the need of the industry.

List of Guides
Sl. No. Name of the Research Guide Phone Number Email-Id
1 Dr. V Sridhar 9448333277 venusridhar@yahoo.com
2 Dr. K N Muralidhara 9036953423 knm08@rediffmail.com
3 Dr.K.A.Radhakrishna Rao 9886064102 karkrao@gmail.com
4 Dr.Punith Kumar M B 9844482308 punithpes@gmail.com
5 Dr.H.S.Sheshadri 9986304288 hssheshadri@gmail.com
6 Dr. M.J. Anand 8050020106 anandmj@pesce.ac.in
7 Dr.N.M.Maheshgowda 9886228951 nm_maheshg@yahoo.co.in
8 Dr.R Manjunatha 9986162161 rmanjunatha@gmail.com
List of scholars awarded Ph D.
Sl. No. Name Guide Name Title of Research Date of Final Viva Completed
1 K. V. Mahendra Prashanth Dr. V Sridhar A study of effects of various noise frequency components on physiological parameters and development of a prototype instrument for providing protection 8th July 2010
2 Meghana kulkarni Dr. V Sridhar TIQ technique based low power flash analog to digital converter. 4th January 2011
3 B.S. Shivakumara Dr. V Sridhar Effect of heart rate on motor cycle driver due to vibrations while riding on Indian roads 24th September 2011
4 Ananth R. Koppa Dr. V Sridhar Effective and affordable quality health care delivery system in rural India: a model based on information technology 9th March 2012
5 G.K. Siddesh Dr. K.N Muralidhara Neuro Fuzzy Based Routing Protocol in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks 19th February 2013
6 Ravish Aradhya H V Dr. K. N Muralidhara Design Optimization and synthesis of low power reversible logic ALU components 30th January2014
7 Anil kumar M. N. Dr. V. Sridhar Area efficient Arithmetic Unit Elliptic Curve Cryptography processor with High Throughput 3rd March 2014
8 K.R. Sudeendra Dr. V. Sridhar A Study of Radio Network Planning and Optimization for GSM Networks 14th March 2014
9 Arun kumar M. N. Dr. H. S. Sheshadri Development of CAD for mammogram analysis 23rd April 2014
10 Harbi Ahmed Dr. H. S. Sheshadri Multi-Algorithm Decision Level Fusion Using Finger Knuckle Print Biometric 28th April 2014
11 Rangaraju.H.G Dr. K.N.Muralidhara Design and optimization of multiply accumulate and comparator units basec on Reversible logic Viva held on 27 Sept 2014. 27th Sept 2014
12 Pushpa D Dr. H. S. Sheshadri Homography Based Detection and Tracking of single person in dense crowd using multiple cameras 20th May 2015
13 Manjudevi Dr. K.N. Muralidhara Novel approaches to the performance Analysis of low power and high speed pipelined ADC 18th May 2015
14 Rajendra A. B. Dr. H.S. Seshadri A new approach to analyze secret sharing schemes using biometric authentication 09th July 2015
15 S. Gayathri Dr. V. Sridhar A Novel Architecture- Design of Fingerprint Recognition Process On Field Programmable Gate Arrays 29th September 2015
16 Shylashree .N Dr. V. Sridhar Some studies on efficient implementation of cryptographic algorithms on FPGA 23rd January 2016
17 Bhagyashree S. R. Dr. H. S. Sheshadri A Novel Approach in the Diagnosis of Alzheimer Disease (AD) and Designing an Embedded System for patients Suffering from AD 7th December 2016
18 Anitha M.L. Dr. K.A. Radhakrishna Rao Novel Approach In Multimodal Biometric Based Recognition System For Performance Enhancement 18th May 2017
19 Bindu N. S. Dr. H. S. Sheshadri Investigation and modification of stereo algorithm for moving object detection and trackin 5th August 2017
20 Chandrika Sudhendra Dr. K. A. Radhakrishna Rao Design and Development of Novel Wide Band Radar Absorbers for Aircraft Stealth Applications 05th December 2017
21 Ahmad Hweishel.A Alfarjat Dr. H. S. Sheshadri Investigations on The Performance Analysis of Bluetooth security Issues using Advanced Algorithms 19th March 2015
22 Harbi Ahmed Dr. H. S. Sheshadri Multi-Algorithm Decision Level Fusion Using Finger Knuckle Print Biometric 28th April 2014 Click here for more
Faculty Research Details
Sl. No. Name Guide Name University/Research Center Topic Status
1 M. Subramanyam Dr. S S Parthasarathy UOM/ P.E.T Research Centre, P.E.S College of Engineering, Mandya Comprehensive Viva Completed
2 Noor Ayesha Dr.H S Sheshadri VTU/ P.E.S College of Engineering, Mandya Comprehensive Viva Completed Click here for more
Research Scholars
Sl. No. Research Scholar Title Status
1 Shubha B Evaluation and Design of high speed and power Efficient Comparator for DSP application Comprehensive Viva Completed Click here for more
Sl. No. Name International / National Journal International / National Conference Total
Click here to view Detailed Publication Report
Sl. No. Application Number Application Date Title Faculty Status Grant Date
1 201841032883 06-03-2020 Method, Systems and Apparatus for Efficient High Speed Elliptic Curve Point Multiplication Over Prime Field Shayilashree, Ph.D Student Dr. V Sridhar, Former Principal and guid Published
2 201841032882 06-03-2020 Method, Systems and Apparatus for Fast Multi Scalar Elliptic Curve Point Multiplication Over Prime Field Shayilashree, Ph.D Student Dr. V Sridhar, Former Principal and guid Published Click here for more
Funded Projects
Sl. No. Project title Year Funding Agency Amount (Rs.) Status
1 A Heuristic Approach for Design and Develop a Prototype Electronics Nose to Detect Spoilage of Milk and Bread 2016-17 5 Lakhs VGST (SMYSR) Completed
2 Medical Image Analysis Laboratory 2019-22 20 Lakhs VGST, Govt of Karnataka Completed Click here for more