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List of Guides
Sl. No. Name of the Research Guide Phone Number Email-Id
1 Dr. B .Ramachandra +91 90350 39360 bramachandra1@yahoo.co.in
2 Dr. P.S.Puttaswamy +91 99861 39186 psputtaswamy_ee@yahoo.com
3 Dr. S.S.ParthaSarthy +91 94491 83746 vsarathypartha@yahoo.com
4 Dr. S GopiyaNaik +91 94812 49509 gopiya.naik94@gmail.com
5 Dr. Mahesh Kumar K M +91 90368 03007 maheshkm@pesce.ac.in
List of scholars awarded Ph D.
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Faculty Research Details
Sl. No. Name Guide Name University/Research Center Topic Status
1 D M Srinivasa Dr. Usha Surendra Christ University Research Work under Progress
2 B N Harish Dr. Usha Surendra Christ University Research Work under Progress
3 Srinath M S Dr. R Gunabalan VIT University Course Work Completed
4 Chethan H R Dr. R Magshvarna VIT University Comprehensive Viva Completed
Research Scholars
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Funded Projects
Sl. No. Project title Year Funding Agency Amount (Rs.) Status Link
1 High voltage Insulation Laboratory - Department of Industries & Commerce, Govt.of. Karnataka 58,00,000 Completed -
2 Clean and Healthy India through low cost light - Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises 15,00,000 Ongoing Click here