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Sl. No. Name Designation Qualification Experience
1 K. Ravi Forman DME (DTE) 36 Years
2 Kirankumar K Instructor B.E. 1 Year
3 Shivamahadevaiah K C Mechanic SSLC 28 Years
4 Sendhil Kumar Mechanic PUC 21 Years
5 Mahesh Kumar H K Mechanic ITI 2 Years
6 Rama Krishnaiah Helper SSLC 33 Years
7 Gowri Clerk with Computer Application MA 10 Years
8 Santhosh C Helper MA 8 Years
9 Chandrashekar S N Helper ITI 6 Years
10 Adharsh M V Helper PUC 4 Years
Sl. No. Name PAN No. Qualification Area of Specialization Current Designation Date of Joining Date on which Designated as Professor/ Associate Professor Currently Associated (Y/N) Nature of Association (Regular/Contract/ Adjunct) If contractual mention Full time or Part time Date of Leaving (In case Currently Associated is “No”)
1 Dr. H. M. Nanjundaswamy ADPPN8136L BE/M. Tech and PhD Composites Professor 01/02/2001 18/08/2010 Y Regular    
2 Dr. N. L. Murali Krishna AECPM9414N BE/M. Tech and PhD Micro Finishing Associate Professor 01/04/1993 01/04/2006 Y Regular    
3 M. A. Venugopal ADYPV5167C BE/M. Sc (Engg) I & P Engg Assistant Professor 14/02/2008   Y Regular    
4 M. Sreenivasa AUVPM9803C BE/M. Sc (Engg) Composites Assistant Professor 03/03/2010   Y Regular    
5 Dr. Raghu. S BVMPS9170H BE/M. Tech and PhD Nano Composite Assistant Professor 05/08/2014   Y Regular    
6 Sujana. N BMZPN0875L BE/M. Tech Thermal Power Engg Assistant Professor 29/09/2020   Y Regular    
7 Archana. G AWQPA1687D BE/M. Tech CIM and Automation Assistant Professor 30/09/2020   Y Regular    
8 Yathish. M. K APJPY1486J BE/M. Tech Machine Design Assistant Professor 01/10/2020   Y Regular