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Yathish M K

Assistant Professor
Educational Qualifications
  • M.Tech– Mechanical Machine Design Department of Mechanical Engineering P.E.S College of Engineering, Mandya
  • B.E –Industrial and Production Engineering P E S College of Engineering, Mandya.
Areas of Interest
  • Composite Materials

National / International Journals

  • Yathish M K, Rakshith Gowda D S, Dr. N L Murali Krishna, Dr. H V Ravindra. (2019). Finite Element Analysis of Drilling of CFRP Reinforced with Different Percentage of Si3N4. International Journal of Research in Applied Science and Engineering Technology(IJRASET), ISSN: 2321-9653, Volume 7,Issue VI
  • Ramesh Kurbet, Ajith Prasad S L, Ahobal N, Yathish M K "STUDY OF VIBRATIONAL RESPONSE OF A ROTARY SYSTEM WITH DEFECTIVE ROLLING ELEMENT BEARING", International Journal for Research in Applied Science and Engineering Technology(IJRASET), Volume 7, Issue VI, June 2019
  • Sadashiva M, M yunus sheikh, Nouman Khan, Ramesh Kurbet, T M Devagowda, Yathish M K “A Review on Application of Shape Memory Alloys” International Journal of Recent Trends and Engineering (IJRTE) Volume 9, Issue 6, March 2021.

National / International Conferences

  • Srinivasa M R, Rammohan Y S, Sadashiva M and Yathish M K “ Studies on tensile properties of Graphene hydroxyl reinforced Aluminium 6061” Proceedings of international conference on Advanced Research in Mechanical Engineering(IC-ARME2021) 29-30 April 2021.
  • Nouman Khan, Chandan Gowda B, Doddaswamy V, Ramesh Kurbet, Ganapathy Bawge, Yathish M K “A Review on Various Techniques used for Vibration Analysis” Proceedings of International Conference on Advances in Mechanical Engineering: Transcending Boundaries (ICAMET-2021), 22-23 July, 2021.