List of Guides
Sl. No. Name of the Research Guide Phone Number Email-Id
1 Dr. Ghanaraja S +91 9449149167
2 Dr. Rudreshi Addamani +91 9739102611
3 Dr. K.J. Mahendra Babu +91 9448754666
4 Dr. Sadashiva M + 91 9972212773
5 Dr. Gurupavan H.R +91 9686632650
6 Dr. Rupesh S + 91 9846048651
7 Dr. Madhusudana C K +91 7338513801
List of scholars awarded Ph D.
Sl. No. Name Guide Name Title of Research Date of Final Viva Completed
1 Mohammad Rafi H Keru Dr. T. Nagaraju 3D Surface Roughness on Steady State and Transient Non – Newtonian THD Analysis of Porous Bearing July 2021
2 Naveed Anjum Dr S L Ajit Prasad Processing and characterization of Particulate Filled and Natural Fiber Reinforced polymer composites June 2020 Click here for more
Faculty Research Details
Sl. No. Name Guide Name University/Research Center Topic Status
1 Pavan Krishna K Dr C J Gangadhara Gowda PET Research Center) Coursework Completed
2 C.M. Ramanuja Dr.S Ghanaraja PET Research Center Corse work Pending click here for more
Research Scholars
Sl. No. Research Scholar Title Status
1 M .R Devaraj Analysis of Thermal effects & Mechanical Properties of Matrix Composites Reinforced with Carbon-Fibers and ceramic particles Course work completed
2 Mahesh B .S Convective & radiation heat transfer through fins Course work completed click here for more
Sl. No. Name International / National Journal International / National Conference Total
1 Dr. S. Ghanaraja 33 36 69
2 Dr. Rudresh Addamani 16 20 36 click here for more
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Application Number   Application Date Title Faculty Status
216476 2003 An Extrusion Honing Composition Dr. H.P Raju Granted
1172/Del/2010 19/5/2010 Processing of alumina Nano-Particle
reinforced cast metal matrix composites
Dr. S. Ghanaraja Applied
201841026027 2018 Single wheeled self-balancing electric vehicle Dr. C. J. Gangadhara Gowda and
Mr Shreyas G.V(Student)
2021102713 20/05/2021 Fully autonomous smart manufacturing
unit using Intelligent Feature Recognition Algorithm
Dr. Sadashiva M Published
202141032004 16/07/2021 Online reinforced learning of assembly
sequence planning with interactive guidance systems for indus
Dr. Sadashiva M Published
202041050076 27/11/2020 Intelligent Car Parking System Using IOT Dr. Anil Kumar S V Published
202141043144 1/10/2021 A Novel Rotary Flow Control Valve
in Gas Turbine Fuel Inhjection Frame work
Dr. K J Mahendra Babu Published
202141043279 5/11/2021 With Solar Water Boiling System,
Increase Thermoelectric Capacity
Mr. Siddesh Kumar N M Published
202141043085 5/11/2021 Construction of Cheap Verbalized
Robotic Hand for Specific Adherence
Mr. Ramesh Kurbet Published
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