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Associate Professor
Educational Qualifications
  • M.Tech. – Machine design B M S College of Engineering, Bengaluru
  • B.E. – Mechanical Engineering P E S College of Engineering, Mandya.
Areas of Interest
  • Design Engineering, Nano Composite Material, Non conventional machining, NDT

National / International Journals

  • FEA of drilling of CFRP reinforced with different percentage of Si3N4 through experimental analysis, Lap Lambert Academic publishing, Mauritius, ISBN: 978-620-3-83964-7, 2021. Advances in Engineering Design, Springer Nature, Scientific Publishing Services (P) Ltd ISBN: 978-981-33-4017-6-493163-1, 2020. Non Destructive Testing, Notion Press; 1st edition, 978-1639977918, 2021.
  • M. Sadashiva, M. R. Srinivasa, N. Santhosh, G. Ravichandran, and V. Sharanraj, “Study on fretting wear characteristics of aluminium-based metal matrix hybrid composites fabricated by friction stir welding technique”, Materials Physics and Chemistry, Apple Academic Press, Taylor And Francis Group, ISBN e book : 9780367816094,ISBN hard copy : 978-1-77188-867-7,(Cost: $ 159.95 US), page no:245-264, 2020.
  • . M. R. Srinivasa, Y. S. Rammmohan, and M. Sadashiva, “Analysis of the Effect of Shock Waves on Fretting Behaviour of Graphene Hydroxyl Reinforced Aluminium 6061Composites” Advances in Engineering Design, published by Springer Nature Singapore Pte Ltd. (e Book) ISBN: 978-981-33-4018-3, ISSN 2195-4364 (electronic) pp: 521-529, 2021..

National / International Conferences

  • M. R. Srinivasa, Y. S. Rammohan, and M. Sadashiva ” Analysis of mechanical properties of graphene reinforced aluminum composites treated with shock waves” AIP Conference Proceedings 2274, 030040 (2020)
  • Srinivasa M R, Rammohan, Sadashiva M, “Analysis of the effect of shock waves on fretting behavior of Graphene Hydroxyl Reinforced Al6061 composites” Advances in Engineering Design, pp 521-529, Springer Professional, Singapore., 2021.
  • Srinivasa M R, Y S Rammohan, Karthik U N, Sadashiva M, “Analysis on wear properties of Graphene Hydroxyl Reinforced Aluminum Composites” International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology Vol. 29, No. 6s, (2020), pp. 4162 –4168, ISSN: 2005-4238, July 2020.
  • Deekshith Samrat S A , M.R. Srinivasa , Dr. Y.S Rammohan , Sadashiva M “Experimental Analysis of Fatigue Behaviour of Aluminium 2024 Reinforced with Graphite” , International journal of Advances in Engineering and Management (IJAEM), Volume 2, Issue 5, pp: 145-151, June 2020.