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Welcome to the Department of Physics at PESCE, Mandya!
Teaching the Fundamentals to Engineers:

At the Department of Physics, we take pride in teaching engineering students the fundamentals and essential concepts of physics. Our courses are designed to provide a strong foundation in physics, empowering students to pursue their studies in engineering with confidence and a solid understanding of the underlying principles. Whether it is mechanics, electronics or quantum physics, our interactive and engaging teaching approach prepares students for the challenges of the engineering field.

Guidance for Aspiring Researchers:

Our distinguished faculty members are not only accomplished researchers but also dedicated mentors. They provide expert guidance and support to those who wish to pursue a Ph.D. in physics or engage in research projects. Whether you are an undergraduate student with a passion for research or aspiring Ph.D. candidate, our faculty members are here to nurture your scientific curiosity and help you achieve your academic and research goals.

At the Department of Physics, we are dedicated to advancing scientific knowledge and fostering a culture of research excellence. Our team of passionate faculty members is committed in providing an inspiring academic environment that nurtures the next generation of physicists and empowers them to make significant contributions to the world of science.

Fields of Study

1. Solid State Physics: Join us in exploring the fascinating world of condensed matter and nanomaterials! Our researchers delve into the behavior of materials at the atomic and subatomic levels, focusing on their electronic, magnetic, and optical properties. The applications of Solid State Physics are at the forefront of materials science and play a crucial role in shaping modern technology.

2. Nuclear Physics: Discover the mysteries of atomic nuclei, nuclear reactions, and radiation in the realm of Nuclear Physics. Our faculty members conduct cutting-edge research in radiation studies, radiation detection, and dosimetry. The knowledge gained in this field has a profound impact on human health and safety, as it plays a crucial role in understanding radiation hazards and mitigating potential risks associated with various sources of radiation exposure.

3. Solar Physics: Unravel the secrets of our closest star, the Sun, through the captivating field of Solar Physics. Our researchers study solar super granulation, solar flares, sunspots, and the solar wind. Understanding the Sun's behavior is crucial and interesting, as it impacts space weather and on our planet.

Research Excellence

Our faculty members through their innovative work contribute significantly to advancements in physics and its applications. Our faculty's research findings have been widely disseminated through a myriad of high-impact publications in reputable scientific journals. These publications and patents not only demonstrate the quality and significance of their research but also contribute to the global body of knowledge, inspiring further research and collaborations worldwide.

We take immense pride in the research achievements of our faculty members, and their continued commitment to excellence, serves as an inspiration to both our students and the wider academic community.

Join Us!

At the Department of Physics, we offer a stimulating academic environment that encourages creativity, critical thinking, and collaborative research. Whether you are an aspiring physicist or a curious learner, our programs cater to all levels of expertise.

Explore our department and join us in our quest to unlock the secrets of the cosmos! For inquiries or further information, please feel free to reach out to our faculty.

Contact Information

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