Academic Research -> M.Sc Tech by Research Awardees

Sl. No. Name of the Candidate Guide University Year of Award / Viva held Title
1 Mohan Kumar H P Dr. S. Murali UOM 2009 Handwritten Document Compression
2 Govindraj Chittapur Dr. S. Murali UOM 2009 Detection of Digital forgery in digital photomontage image by referring inconsistency of light source
3 Arun kumar M.N Dr. Anand kumar VTU 2009 CB Algorithm to Generate Interesting association rules
4 Anil kumar M.N Dr. V. Sridhar VTU 2009 Telemedicine using 3G mobile
5 Sudhindra K.R. Dr. V. Sridhar VTU 2009 Study of Emg Signal For Human Machine Interface
6 Rashmi R Dr. P.S. Puttaswamy VTU 2009 Performance evaluation of LED base signaling devices
7 Mrs. M.L. Anitha Dr. K.R.Ananda kumar VTU 2009 Distributed self interested intelligent agents for cooperation and coordination
8 Madhusudan R. Dr. R.M. Mahalingegowda VTU 2009 Comparative evaluation of Interrupted road traffic noise prediction capability of artificial neural network model with stop and go protocol
9 T N R Kumar Dr. S. Murali UOM 2010 locating and detecting of text in a video
10 Vishanath C Kagawade Dr. T. Vasudev UOM 2012 Development of Transformation Models to transform Artistic- form-text to Linear-form-text.
11 Mansaa J Dr. G. P. Shivashankara VTU 2013 Quality of precipitation and ground water in Mandya semi urban area
12 B T Sridhara Dr. S. P. Mahendra VTU 2014 Feasibility Study for Development of National Highway From KM10.00(ANANTPUR) to KM 166.00 (MADANAPALLI0 of NH-205, In the State of Andhra Pradesh, Using Google Earth (A Case Study)
13 Shivakumar Swamy G R Dr. R. M. Mahalinge Gowda VTU 2016 A Study on Biological Treatment of Sewage using Alternative Fixed Media
14 M Sreenivasa Dr. H. M. Nanjundaswamy VTU 2017 Synthesis and Characterization (Micro-structural and Mechanical Properties) of Aluminium Based Composites
15 M A Venu Gopal Dr. B. S. Shiva Kumar VTU 2019 In Study of Safety and Ergonomics Aspects High Voltage Transformer and Lead Acid Battery Manufacturing Industries
16 Gokul B S Dr V.Sridhar VTU 2019 Performance evaluation of TIQ comparator and design for high speed and low power 4-bit flash ADC for system on chip application
17 Kumar B S Dr. V Sridhar VTU 2020 Study of information security issues in E Governance Applications