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BID Documents

SI.No Category File Download
1 Library Department 1279625496_Bid Document for Computers.pdf
2 Automobile Engineering Department 1418304662_Blank Quotation.doc
3 Automobile Engineering Department 1586237878_Engine System Tester.pdf
4 Automobile Engineering Department 2092755382_Quotation Universal Engine Test Rig.pdf
5 Automobile Engineering Department 1671790694_Blank Quotation.docx
6 Electrical & Electronics Engineernig 425992160_Bid Document for Partial Discharge Analyser.pdf
7 Electrical & Electronics Engineernig 1061626694_Bid Document for Shilded Chamber.pdf
8 Electrical & Electronics Engineernig 2096469770_Comprehensive PC based Drives.pdf
9 Mechanical Engineering 609760290_Bid Document for Lathe.pdf
10 Mechanical Engineering 133746111_Blank Quotation.docx
11 Mechanical Engineering 1517629566_CADCAM Software.pdf
12 Mechanical Engineering 2008740245_Fatigue Tester.pdf
13 Mechanical Engineering 50782591_Quotation - Diesel engine test rig.pdf
14 Mechanical Engineering 917764042_Quotation - FFT Analyzer.pdf
15 Mechanical Engineering 1576961286_Quotation Heat transfer equipments.pdf
16 Civil Engineering 717816562_Blank Quotation.docx
17 Civil Engineering 617313557_blank quotation (1).docx
18 Civil Engineering 959929621_Quotation - E Surveying Solution Products.pdf
19 Civil Engineering 58992464_Quotation - E-TABS.pdf
20 Civil Engineering 1137787318_Quotation - Laboratory PAN Mixer.pdf
21 Civil Engineering 871258723_Quotation Universal Testing Machine.pdf
22 Civil Engineering 744765542_Quotation Bentley Academic Design Software.pdf
23 Furnitures 1228569801_blank quotation with book list.pdf
24 Industrial and Production Engineering 941283678_Blank Quotation.docx
25 Industrial and Production Engineering 2086225520_INVITATION LETTER.doc
26 Industrial and Production Engineering 1480644473_Quotation - Vedio camera.pdf
27 Institution Level 1590569935_Blank Quotation.docx
28 Institution Level 65148171_Quotation - Internet Facilty.pdf