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  • PET Cricket Stadium
  • PET Aquatic Centre
  • PET Indoor Stadium
  • PET multi Gym. Centre
  • Kho-kho court
  • Basket Ball Court
  • Volley Ball court
  • PET Tennis Court
  • Football/Hockey Stadium
  • Multipurpose Stadium

Sports Activities


  • N. Lokesh, Gymnastic. E&E Department Ekalvaya Awardees by Karnataka Government 2014


  • Conducted VTU Mysore zone Foot Ball tournament
  • Conducted Mysore zone Cricket tournament
  • Conducted: Mysore zone Cricket tournament
  • Mysore zone Volley Ball Winners
  • VTU Inter zone Ball Badminton Runners
  • VTU Mysore Zone Hand Ball Runner
  • Conducted by Basket Ball tournament
  • VTU Cricket Mysore Zone Winners
  • VTU Foot Ball Inter Zone Runners
  • VTU Mysore Zone Kabaddi Runners


  • Conducted by VTU Mysore zone / inter zone VTU Tournament Volleyball
  • Conducted By PESCE Mandya VTU Inter zone Tennis tournament
  • VTU Inter Zone Tennis Tournament winners,VVCE Mysore.
  • VTU Inter Zone Tennis Tournament Runners-BIT Bangalore.
  • VTU Tennis (M) tournament Bangalore Winners-BIT Bangalore
  • Tennis (M) Bangalore zone Runners Bangalore
  • VTU Tennis Tournament BNMIT Bangalore Winner.
  • VTU Tennis Tournament Acharya IT Bangalore Runner.
  • VTU Mysore zone Volley ball MIT Mysore Winner
  • VTU Mysore zone Volley Ball SJCE Mysore Runner


  • Conducted by VTU Rest of Bangalore zone Ball - Badminton Tournament
  • VTU Inter zone Ball badminton 4th Place      
  • VTU Mysore Zone Cricket Winners team      
  • VTU Mysore Zone Football Runners team
  • VTU Rest of Bangalore zone ball Ball - Badminton Runners team