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Vision & Mision


A Department of high repute imparting quality education to develop innovative Computer application engineers and technocrats.


Committed to
  • To provide state-of-the-art facilities with supportive environment for teaching and learning.To prepare the students with curricula of industry expectation.
  • Train the students to be competent to solve the real world problems in the field of computer Applications with cutting-edge technology and nurturing the students with ethical values for well being in the society.



PEO-1. Educate students to be sucessful computer application professionals in a global environment.
PEO-2. To train the students with good technical and managerial skills so as to grasp, analyze, design and develop novel applications and solutions for real time problems.
PEO-3. To prepare students to adapt to the challenges of an ever changing world.
PEO-4. To encourage the students in professional and ethical attitude, effective communication skills, team work skills, multidisciplinary approach and ability to relate computer applicaton to broader social context.


PO-1. Ability to apply knowledge of mathematics and computer science in the field of computer applications.
PO-2. Ability to understand, identify, formulate and solve the problems.
PO-3. Ability to use techniques and skills necessary for computer applications.
PO-4. Ability to apply the impact of computer application in global, economic, environmental and societal context.
PO-5. Work as professionals with ethical decision making and moral behaviors.
PO-6. Ability to function individually, in team and in multi-disciplinary environment.
PO-7. Ability to communicate effectively.
PO-8. To engage in independent and life-long technical learning to keep in pace with the changes in technologies


Sl.No Name of the Guide Name of the Candidates Area of Specialization Title of the Thesis Degree Awarded
1 Dr. H.S. Nagendra Swamy Dr.H.P.Mohan Kumar Computer Vision Some symbolic approaches for Human Gait Recognition 2015


Sl.No Name of the Candidates Title of the Thesis Specialization Progress status
1 M.N.Veena Knowledge drives Approaches for automatic detection and recognition of registration number for road vehicles in India Image Processing and Computer Vision Final Stage



Sub Strategies Leader responsible for Preparation and implementation Members of the team Time line Measuring Indicators of success
Industry-institute interactions Syllabus Guest lectures HOD (Facultly , Principal, Management) Every year by Aug Syllabus review periodically. 06 Guest lectures on emerging trends
Academic Excellence Teaching-Learning infrastructure HOD Principal, Management July 2015 Computational facility for each faculty Internet facility to each node with 100 mbps
Construction of  one additional class room HOD Principal, Management July 2015 Constructed one class room and ready for use
Adopting new pedagogical techniques for teaching HOD (Facultly , Principal, Management) July 2015 Pedagogy  development programme is conducted


Sub Strategies Leader responsible for Preparation and implementation Members of the team Time line Measuring Indicators of success
Revising syllabus as per industry requirements and skilled based courses HOD (Facultly , Principal, Management) July 2016 Entire Syllabus is reviewed with the help of experts, industry partnering and conducting, attending workshops
Establishing new labs as per syllabus HOD, Prof.HR Diwakar (Principal, Management) July 2016 Establishing 'network' lab and ready for use
Leveraging Alumni for Guest lectures, placements, internships and donations HOD (Principal, Management) July 2016 Leverage alumni for 06 guest lectures, internships for 10 students, placements for 20 students every year


Sub Strategies Leader responsible for Preparation and implementation Members of the team Time line Measuring Indicators of success
Recognised in top 10 preferred institutes for pursing MCA in the Karnataka state HOD Principal, Management July 2017 Top CET ranks taking admission All seats are filled Best Results Placements (100%)
Establishing centre of excellence in 'software development in Banking' HOD  & Prof Veena (Principal, Management) July 2018 Established centre of excellence in 'software development in Banking' and ready for use.
Promoting all teaching faculties to pursue research and to complete in time HOD encourages July 2020 05 Faculty with Ph.D qualification