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Placement Details

In addition to the college placement cell the department also organizes several placement oriented programs to encourage and promote the placement activities of the students by inviting experts from industries and other institutes. In order to coordinate the placement activities a committee has been formed which comprises of Staff coordinator and student coordinator.
Staff Coordinator : Sri H.J.Ningaraju, Asst.Prof.
Student Coordinator : Kum Vidya Prakash, Final year

Companies Visited the Campus during the year 2010-2011

Sl No Company Name
1 L&T Ecc
2 Billimoria
3 Soma Constructions
4 Knk Nextgen
5 Tce
6 Bl Kashyap

2011-2012 Batch Placed List  Click here

Sl. No. Name Company
1 Abhilash.N.R TCS
2 Bhavani.N TCS
3 Kunal.G.K TCS
4 Shruthi.B TCS
5 Subash.N.B TCS

2010-2011 Batch Placed List  Click here

Sl. No. Name Company
1 Anusha B.L.Kashyap & Son's Ltd
2 Harish S            KNK Nexgen Constructions Ltd
3 Leena S B.L.Kashyap & Son's Ltd
4 Mallesh.N.G Soma
5 Martha Josephine B.L.Kashyap & Son's Ltd
6 Mohammed Zubeirulla Brigade Group
7 Pradeep Kumar.G L&T ECC
8 Punith.S.M L&T ECC
9 Purushotham Rao.K.D B.E.Billimoria
10 Rajesh.M.N L&T ECC
11 Sanath Kumar K V        KNK Nexgen Constructions Ltd
12 Sandeep HM B.L.Kashyap & Son's Ltd
13 Shweta Sangoji B.L.Kashyap & Son's Ltd
14 Smitha.C.K L&T ECC
15 Suprith Nag Techmahindra & Mahindra Satyam, B.E.Billimoria
16 Syeda Naseera TCE
17 Tasmia Anjum B.L.Kashyap & Son's Ltd
18 Tejpal.B.S Brigade Group
19 Vidya Prakash.G MindTree
20 Yashwanth .M.K B.E.Billimoria

2009-2010 Batch Placed List  Click here

Sl. No. Name Company
1 Anurag.P.M L&T ECC
2 Gargi.G.S. B.L.Kashyap & Son's Ltd
3 Girish Kumar.N.M KMC Constructions Ltd
4 Gowtham Prasad M. E Paradigm
5 Hemanth M.P Paradigm, KMC Constructions Ltd
6 Jyothi.S.T. KMC Constructions Ltd
7 Kanmani.S.S KMC Constructions Ltd
8 Keerthi.R KMC Constructions Ltd
9 Kiran Gowda.K.S KNK Nexgen Constructions Ltd
10 Kishor.V KMC Constructions Ltd
11 Kushal.A L&T ECC
12 N.Shwetha B.L.Kashyap & Son's Ltd
13 Naveen.N. B.L.Kashyap & Son's Ltd
14 Rajeev Singh.T.H B.E.Billimoria
15 Ramya.K.L B.L.Kashyap & Son's Ltd
16 Seemanthini G Paradigm
17 Shankara.C.S KNK Nexgen Constructions Ltd
18 Sindhoora.R Ygen
19 Sujatha Paradigm
20 Swaroop.N KMC Constructions Ltd
21 Swathi Kumari Paradigm
22 Varija.D.N. B.L.Kashyap & Son's Ltd
23 Vikram.K. B.L.Kashyap & Son's Ltd
24 Vikram.M.N B.E.Billimoria
25 Vinod Kumar.N KNK Nexgen Constructions Ltd
26 Vinutha.K.L KMC Constructions Ltd

2008-2009 Batch Placed List  Click here

Sl. No. Name Company
1 Athmeya.H.S L&T ECC