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Physical Infrastructure


The building consists of Head's chamber, office room, seven class rooms, six staff rooms, five laboratory halls, internet room, ladies rest room, project room and departmental library room.

The total building space is 1422 square meters.

Ground Floor:570 Sq Mts
First Floor:426 Sq Mts
Second Floor:426 Sq Mts
Total:1422 Sq Mts

New Block

Ground Floor:334.72 Sq Mts
First Floor:334.72 Sq Mts
Second Floor:334.72 Sq Mts
Total:1004.16 Sq Mts
Total:2426.16 Sq Mts

The various laboratories in the department are as follows:

1FET and Op-Amps Laboratory :III Sem
2Digital Circuits Design Laboratory:III Sem
3Microprocessor and Microcontroller Laboratory:IV Sem
4Industrial Electronics Laboratory:IV Sem
5Digital Signal Processing Laboratory:V Sem
6Optical and Analog Communication Laboratory :V Sem
7Digital communication & Microwave Laboratory:VI Sem
8HDL Laboratory::VI Sem
9Embedded System Programming Laboratory::VII Sem
10CCN & VLSI Laboratory::VII Sem

Computers : 120 Nos.

Application software :

  • B2 SPICE : Code and development Electronics Ltd. Bangalore
  • Cadence Tool : Cadence
  • Xilinx V14.3 : Coreel Technologies, Bangalore

Major equipments :

  • Spectrum Analyser
  • Light runner
  • Wicom T
  • LAN-T
  • Medical imaging analysis Laboratory Systems
  • Special oscilloscopes