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Mathematics is the queen of all sciences. We can neither know things correctly nor can have practical utility of computation unless we have the knowledge of Engineering Mathematics. Since Mathematics has cultural and disciplinary values, it occupies an important place in the curriculum and in society also. The Department of Mathematics was established in the year 1962 and is in PET Research Centre block. The department has three separate rooms, one for Professor, one for Associate Professors and other one for Assistant Professors. Faculties of our department are provided with necessary computing and internet facilities. The staff pattern of the Department consists of one Professor, two Associate Professors and six Assistant Professors. At present, the department possesses nine staff members, including four doctorates and two faculties pursuing their Ph.D.

The Department staffs handle the following subjects for B.E. Courses:

  • Engineering Mathematics-I & II for first year B.E. and Engineering Mathematics-III & IV for second year B.E. (The above four courses are common to all branches)
  • Advanced Mathematics- I & II for second year B.E. students of Diploma holders category.


Head Department of Mathematics
PESCE, Mandya.

The Department of Mathematics has been recognized to carry out research by the University of Mysore and VTU, Belagavi. Two national level journals (Printed) and 3 online database (Springer, Elsevier journal) in Mathematics are subscribed in our Library. Our faculties are very much interested in participating and presenting their research articles in National/international level conferences, also they are attending ISTE sponsored short-term training programmes in Applied Mathematics.

Three research scholars are awarded Ph.D. degree and currently nine research scholars are pursuing part-time Ph.D. program. The thrust areas of research of the department include Computerized Fluid Dynamics, Graph theory and Number theory. Dr. Puttaswamy, Professor and Head of the department have guided eight students leading to M.Phil degree in Mathematics. Also, he had presented a research paper in 18th International Conference in Mathematical Analysis and Graph Theory held in San Franscisco, USA during September 26-27, 2016.

Dr. B. Shanmukha, Associate Professor has guided five students leading to M. Phil degree in Mathematics and one M. Tech student leading to a Project. Faculties from the department of Mathematics have published more than 60 research papers in peer – reviewed national/international journals. The department is planning to organize a two-day National seminar and ISTE-STTP on Applied Mathematics shortly.