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Departmental Library

Apart from the central library, the department has its own library with a collection of 1500 text books and reference books catering to the needs of students as well as teachers. The library preserves previous year's project, dissertation and seminar reports. Every year new books added to the stock. The students and teachers borrow books from the department library apart from the main library periodically. For each student two library cards are issued. Students can borrow/return books for every 15 days.

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E-Books on Engineering Mathematics

1. Advanced engineering mathematics by ERWIN KREYSZIG

2. Advanced Engineering Mathematics Solutions

3. Solution Manuals of Advanced engineering Mathematics

4. Applying mathematics to several engineering

5. Alan Jeffrey Advanced Engineering Mathematics

6. Glynn James Advanced Modern Engineering Mathematics

7. Advanced Engineering Mathematics Solutions

8. Basic engineering mathematics fifth edition

9. Higher Engineering Mathematics Sixth Edition

10. Differentiation formulas basic algebraic


12. Basic Engineering Mathematics II

13. Basic Engineering Mathematics-1

14. Advanced Modern Engineering Mathematics by Glynn James