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Sponsored Projects

Sl.No. Title of the Project Agency Year Amount Sanctioned Rs. In Lakhs Status of the project Coordinator
1 Modernisation of Mechanical Engg Lab MHRD 1989-90 15.00 Completed Dr. C.Padmanabha
2 Centre for Automation & Robotics (CAR) AICTE 1999-2000 6.00 Completed Dr. K.N. Umesh Head
3 Development of CAD/CAM laboratory AICTE 1996-1998 4.00 Completed Dr H.V Ravindra
4 Tool Condition Monitoring during Machining DST 1997-1999 7.18 Completed Dr H.V, Ravindra
5 Development of FMS laboratory AICTE 1997-1999 6.00 Completed Dr H.V, Ravindra
6 Condition Based Maintenance in sugar Industries AICTE 2000-2001 3.64 Completed Dr H.V, Ravindra
7 Condition Monitoring of the Machine tools UGC 2002-2004 6.60 Completed Dr H.V, Ravindra
8 Industry Institute Partnership Cell AICTE 2002-2004 8.00 Completed Dr H.V, Ravindra
9 Improvement of post Graduate teaching facilities DST 2005-2007 20.00 Completed Dr H.V, Ravindra
10 Experimental investigation of the surface roughness effects on the journal bearings performance AICTE 2004 7.50 Completed Dr.T. Nagaraju
11 Industry institute Partnership Cell AICTE 2006 1.00 Completed Dr H.V, Ravindra
12 Image Processing Technique for Automated Inspection and Flow Visualization UGC 2007 8.536 Completed Dr H.V, Ravindra
13 Micro Finishing of internal primitives through Extrusion Honing Process AICTE 2007 11.00 Completed Dr H.P. Raju & Dr. C. J.Gangadharagowda
14 Tribological Study of Metal Matrix composite Materials AICTE 2007 8.00 Completed Dr. S.L. Ajit Prasad
15 Optimization of Process parameters in Wire EDM AICTE 2010 7.00 Completed Dr. H.V. Ravindra
16 Monitoring of machine elements using machine vision VTU 2012 6.45 Completed Dr H.V. Ravindra
17 Fabrication of billets using powder mixture to be used in stir casting process VGST – TRIP 2012-13 0.40 Completed Dr. Ajit Prasad S.L.
18 Monitoring of electrode in WEDM machining using Multi – sensory approaches UGC 2013-15 6.35 Completed Dr. H V Ravindra
19 Monitoring the status of the Drilled Hole in Composite Materials Using Multisensory Approach DRDO 2014-16 10.00 Completed Dr. H V Ravindra
20 Monitoring the status of the drilled hole in Composite materials using Machine vision AICTE 2013-14 12.00 Completed Dr. H V Ravindra
21 A study on machining performances during wedm of metal matrix composites using machine vision system and acoustic emission technique NRB 2015 -- Submitted(awaiting for reply) Dr. H V Ravindra
22 Optimization of process parameters and monitoring the status and breakage of weld using DST 2017 20.00 Submitted(awaiting for reply) Dr. H V Ravindra & Rudresh Addmani
23 Parameter Optimization and Performance monitoring of WEDM of Composite Materials Using Machine Vision System UGC 2017 16.20 Submitted(awaiting for reply) Dr. H V Ravindra & Gurupavan H R
24 Vibration and Noise Analysis of Parallel Shaft Gear Drive Systems AICTE 2017 20.00 Submitted(awaiting for reply) Dr. Ajit Prasad S.L.