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About PESCE Alumni

The Office of Alumni Engagement supports the PESCE Alumni Affairs, working on behalf of its board of directors, an all-volunteer policy-setting body. The Affairs represents more than 50,000 alumni and is a non-due paying organization. All PESCE graduates automatically become members and are entitled to the quality services and activities provided by the alumni Affairs.

Whether your connections to PESCE through, various special interest networks or other groups, the PESCE Alumni Affairs serves as a source of volunteer guidance, resources, camaraderie and support. Join us for our events and don't hesitate to let us know what you want from your Alumni Affairs. Your interests are important. Together, we will help ensure the excellence that is the source of our pride in PESCE.

The offices of development and alumni engagement along with advancement leadership make up the Division of Advancement team of approximately 7 Coordinators whose works supports every aspects of PESCE mission.

Working with the PESCE Foundation, partners on campus, and the boards of the Foundation and of the Alumni Affairs, the division strengthens the college and elevates the PESCE experience for students, faculty, staff, alumni, donors and everyone who shares a passion for the institute and its continued success.

Advancement and PESCE thrive thanks to gifts of time, talent and financial support from alumni, donors and other friends. In addition to volunteering as mentors and participating at alumni events worldwide, philanthropy is another important and meaningful way our alumni deepen their engagement and stay connected to PESCE.

Thank you for your generosity!