Biofuel Center (BRIDC) -> Overview

Coordinator's Desk
Dr. Rupesh S
Project Coordinator, Biofuel Research, Information and Demonstration Center (BRIDC),
P.E.S. College of Engineering, Mandya – 571 401
Mob: +91 7204810531

Mandya District Biofuel Research, Information & Demonstration Centre (BRIDC) was established on 20.06.2012, in association with Karnataka State Bioenergy Development Board, (KSBDB), Government of Karnataka, Bangalore. Karnataka State Bioenergy Development Boardissued a grant of about Rs. 45 lakhs to the centre with Dr. L.Prasanna Kumar, Professor and Head, Department of Geology as the first Project coordinator.

The main activities of BRIDC includes:
  • Procurement of pongamia and neem seeds from the farmers.
  • Extraction of oil and cake from the seeds
  • Distribution of oil and organic cake to the farmers at reasonable rate
  • Awareness on biofuel and demonstration of biodiesel synthesis
  • Awareness on green environment, global warming and water pollution
  • Guidance to UG and PG projects pertaining to biofuels
  • Hands on training on biodiesel synthesis
  • Biofuel plantation programmes in and around Mandya.
Objectives of Biofuel Research, Information and Demonstration Center
  • Help government to design and adopt biofuel programmes.
  • Implementation of programmes in line with KSBDB.
  • Identification of suitable land for raising biofuelcrops.
  • Raising of quality seedlings through Self Help Groups (SHGs), Village Forest Committees (VFCs).
  • To promote eco-friendliness and self-sufficiency amongfarmers and public through various biofuel activities.
  • Promotion of crops such as sugarcane, beet sugar, sweet sorghum, etc. as feedstock for ethanol production.
  • Establishment of seed collection network & centre.
Facilities in BRIDC
  • Biodiesel plants with 1 litre and 50 litre capacities
  • Oil extractor
  • Pongamia seed decoticator
  • Flash and fire point apparatus
  • Copper corrosion test
  • Hot air oven

    The following products are available at the centre at a reasonable rate

  • Biodiesel
  • Pongamia cake
  • Pongamiaoil
  • Biosoap
  • Phenyl
  • Soap oil
  • Solid waste manure

    Under bioenergy webinar series we have conducted the following webinars

  • Current Status and Future Perspectives of Bioenergy, 6th April 2021
  • Bioethanol a Sustainable Energy Source: Prospects and Challenges, 18th November 2021

    Already we have guidednumerous UG students’ projects on biofuels. Our ongoing projects are:

  • Generation of bio pesticides from Zimruba and Neem derrivatives.
  • Biogas generation through co-digestion of ruminant and non-ruminant animal wastes.
  • Evaluation of performance of different biodiesel blends