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Biofuel Center (BRIDC)

Coordinator's Desk

Dr. L. Prasannakumar
Professor & Project Coordinator, District Bio fuel Information and Demonstration Center,
P.E.S. College of Engineering, Mandya – 571 401
Tel: +91 98445 74374
Email: biofuelpescemandya@gmail.com

This centre is inaugurated on 18.06.2012, under this we have the following activities like:
  • Awareness on Rain Water Harvesting - Demonstration
  • Awareness Bore well Recharging techniques - Demonstration
  • Awareness Solar Energy – Demonstration
  • Awareness on Bio Gas production by using Kitchen waste - Demonstration
  • Awareness on Bio- Fuel – Demonstration
  • Awareness on Global warming
  • Awareness on Green Environment
  • Awareness on Water Pollution
  • Helping for Preparing Models in District & State level Science Exhibitions
  • Plantation programmes of Bio fuel plantation in and around Mandya Dist.
This Awareness program is for:
  • School Children’s, College students, School Teachers, College Teachers
  • Farmers, Self Groups Employees, Sthree Shakthi Sanga, Public
  • PWD Engineers, Municipality Engineers
  • Youth Organizations
On 20.06.2012 under this centre in association with Karnataka State Bio-fuel Development Board, (KSBDB) Government of Karnataka, Establish Mandya District Bio fuel Information & Demonstration Centre

This centre is inaugurated by District In charge Minister. The total grant for this centre is about Rs 45laks. We have set up a bio fuel generation plant in our college.