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List of Candidates Awarded / Pursuing Ph.D / MSc Engg

Sl. No. Candidate Ph.D. / M.Sc Engg. University Guide Title Status / Date of Awarded
1 H.S. Suresh Cahndra Ph.D VTU Dr. B.G. Naresh Kumar Structural characteristic of masonry units, mortars and masonry 8th June 2013 Awarded
2 T.M. Prakash Ph.D VTU Dr. B.G. Naresh Kumar Strength and elastic properties of aerated concrete block masonry 28th June 2013 Awarded
3 Arun Kumar. K Ph.D VTU Dr. S.M. Prakash Adsorption of dyes By agricultural by-product based activated carbon Sep 2012 Awarded
4 T V Mallesha Ph.D VTU Dr. S M Prakash and Dr. L Prasannakumar Water Quality assessment of Cauvery basin rivers and Prediction of water quality in the mixing zone of River Kabini Mar-2014 Awarded
5 Munwarpasha Ph.D VTU Dr.G.P.Shivashankara Urban and rural bulk Precipitation chemistry 2011 Awarded
6 Siddegowda Ph.D VTU Dr.G.P.Shivashankara Rural to urban migration and Household Environmental problems in slums of Bangalore Metropolitan city 2011 Awarded
7 Nagendra Prasad Ph.D VTU Dr.G.P.Shivashankara Chemical composition and variability of bulk precipitation chemistry at urban area in Karnataka July 2012 Awarded
8 Mansaa J M.Sc Engg VTU Dr.G.P.Shivashankara Quality of precipitation and ground water in Mandya semi urban area Awarded
9 Sharmila G.V. M.Sc Engg VTU Dr.G.P.Shivashankara Assessment & a role of precipitation on groundwater quality Aug 2017 Awarded
10 Umme Hamida Ph.D VTU Dr.G.P.Shivashankara Assessment of Groundwater Vulnerability to Shallow Aquifer in Cauvery basin of Rural and Urban area of Mandya District, Karnataka Course work completed
11 Adresh .S Ph.D VTU Dr.G.P.Shivashankara Study on Chemical composition of rainwater at various land use locations and variations by interaction with domestic rainwater harvesting system Compressive VIVA-VOCE Eligible
12 Rathnamala G. V. Ph.D VTU Dr.G.P.Shivashankara Household Environmental Hazards and its emerged pollutants in Rural area, Karnataka Course work completed
13 Shurthi.R. Ph.D VTU Dr.G.P.Shivashankara Rural wastewater treatment solution through Constructed wetland: Economic Evalution Taking Course work
14 Sowmya H. N. Ph.D VTU Dr.G.P.Shivashankara Inter-annual and Intra-sesonal variability in fine mode particles(PM2.5 & PM16) over Bangalore Urban Area & Its Influence of Metrology Taking Course work
15 G.Savitha Swamy Ph.D VTU Dr.G.P.Shivashankara Influence and Inpact of Traffic & Geomatric Aspects of Road on noise Pollution in Urban Area
16 Vidya B R Ph.D VTU Dr.G.P.Shivashankara Effect and usage of harvested rain water and storm water on properties of cement concrete
17 Abhijith .C.C Ph.D VTU Dr.S.P. Mahendra Studies on the performance of Ultra Thin cement concrete overlays on flexible pavements 19th July 2014 Awarded
18 B. T. Sridhara M.Sc Engg VTU Dr.S.P. Mahendra Feasibility Study for Development of National Highway From KM10.00(ANANTPUR) to KM 166.00 (MADANAPALLI0 of NH-205, In the State of Andhra Pradesh, Using Google Earth (A Case Study) Awarded
19 KVR Prasad Ph.D VTU Dr.S.P. Mahendra Investigation On Utilization Of Recycled Poly Ethylene Teraphthalate in road construction On going
20 Kamalesh M Ph.D VTU Dr.S.P. Mahendra Application of geotextile in rural road construction On going
21 Puneeth H C Ph.D VTU Dr.S.P. Mahendra Utilization of recycled aggregates (C&D Wastes in Rigid Pavement) On going
22 Suprith N Ph.D VTU Dr. S P Mahendra Comparison of different Chemical additives in Improving Properties of Subgrde Soil Registered
23 Manu A S Ph.D VTU Dr. S P Mahendra Innovative Materials for Construction of Rural Roads  
24 Santosh M C Ph.D VTU Dr. H S Suresh Chandra Analytical and experimental studies on RC Jacketed beams columns and beam-column joint Registered
25 Kavya B R Ph.D VTU Dr. H S Suresh Chandra Analytical and Experimental Studies on Composite techniques for Strengthening of RC Beams Registered
26 Manju N L Ph.D VTU Dr. T M Prakash Studies on the behaviour of light weight In- fills under lateral loading Registered
27 Naveen Kumar S Ph.D VTU Dr.T.M.Prakash Technical and Economical Feasibility of Value Added Materials and Reinforcement Orientation in Concrete Course work completed
28 Keerthi Gowda Ph.D VTU Dr. G L Easwara Prasad Experimental and Theoretical Studies of Filler Filled Composites Under Dynamic Loading 21st September 2017 Awarded
29 M.C. Shantha Kumar Ph.D VTU Gopi Siddappa Application of finite element and and din slope stability analysis Course work Completed
30 Vijaya Kumar Y.M. Ph.D VTU Gopi Siddappa Studies on Jacketed Reinforced Concrete Columns Awarded
31 Ghousia Banu S Ph.D VTU Gopi Siddappa Behaviour of Concrete for admixture and Chemical Reaction using Neural Network Under the Course work
32 Santhosh G.G. Ph.D VTU Gopi Siddappa Analysis of water seepage through earthen dam using finite element  Course work Completed
33 Rajakumara H N Ph.D VTU Dr. R M Mahalinge Gowda Deveoplment of road Traffic Noise prediction Model for Indian roads Awarded
34 M K Krishna Ph.D VTU Dr. R M Mahalinge Gowda Vehicular Emission Dispersion in Urban Areas―Comparison Between Field Measurements and Wind Tunnel Simulations 31stJanuary 2015 Awarded
35 Madhusudan R. M.Sc Engg VTU Dr. R M Mahalinge Gowda Comparative evaluation of Interrupted road traffic noise prediction capability of artificial neural network model with stop and go protocol Awarded
36 A R Vinod Ph.D VTU Dr. R M Mahalinge Gowda Comparative Pilot Plant Studies of Selective Packing Medias as Fixed Bed for Sewage Treatment 27th June 2016 Awarded
37 Shivakumar Swamy G R M.Sc Engg VTU Dr. R M Mahalinge Gowda A Study on Biological Treatment of Sewage using Alternative Fixed Media Awarded
38 Chowda Gowda H C Ph.D VTU Dr. R M Mahalinge Gowda A Study of Vehicular Emission Dispersion Through Selected Building Configurations in Urban Areas Using Wind Tunnel. Compressive VIVA-VOCE completed
39 Mithun K Ph.D VTU Dr. R M Mahalinge Gowda Study on structural characteristics of geopolymer fiber reinforced precast elements Registered
40 Lokeshwari M Ph.D VTU Dr. Nanjunda Swamy Solid waste Management issues in Mysore City Awarded
41 Manjunath B Ph.D VTU Dr.B S Jayashankar Babu A Study on the behaviour of Polystrene concrete Block Masonry using finite Element Analysis
42 Lakshmi P S Ph.D VTU Dr. B S Jayashankar Babu Technical and Economical Feasibility of Using value Added Materials in Concrete Course work Completed
43 Ganesh M Ph.D VTU Dr. B S Jayashankar Babu