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Vision & Mision


The department of E & E would endeavour to create a pool of Engineers who would be technically competent, ethically strong also fulfil their obligation in terms of social responsibility.


  • Adopt the best pedagogical methods and provide the best facility, infrastructure and an ambience conducive to imbibe technical knowledge and practicing ethics.
  • Group and individual exercises to inculcate habit of analytical and strategic thinking to help the students to develop creative thinking and in still team skills.
  • MOUs and Sponsored projects with industry and R & D organizations for Collaborative learning
  • Enabling and encouraging students for continuing Education and moulding them for life-long learning process

    PEO1: Excel in professional career and/or higher education by acquiring knowledge in mathematical, computing and Electrical & Electronics engineering principles
    PEO2: Analyze real life problems and Design Electrical & Electronics Engineering system with appropriate solutions that are technically sound, economically feasible and socially acceptable
    PEO3: Exhibit professionalism, ethical attitude, communications kills, team work in their profession and adapt to current trends by engaging in lifelong learning.


    PO-1: Graduates will apply the knowledge of mathematics, Physics, chemistry and allied engineering subjects to solve problems in Electrical and Electronics Engineering.
    PO-2: Graduates will Identify, formulate and solve Electrical and Electronics Engineering problem.
    PO-3: Graduates will design Electrical and Electronics systems meeting the given specifications for different problems taking safety and precautions into consideration.
    PO-4: Graduates will design, conduct experiments, analyze and interpret data
    PO-5: Graduates will use modern software tools to model and analyze problems, keeping in view their limitations.
    PO-6: Graduates will understand the impact of local and global issues / happenings on Electrical Engineers.
    PO-7: Graduates will provide sustainable solutions for problems related to Electrical and Electronics Engineering and also will understand their impact on environment.
    PO-8: Graduates will have knowledge of professional ethics and code of conduct as applied to Electrical Engineers.
    PO-9: Graduates will work effectively as an individual and as a member or leader in diverse teams and in multi-disciplinary settings.
    PO-10: Graduates will communicate effectively in both verbal and written form.
    PO-11: Graduates will plan, execute and complete projects
    PO-12: Graduates will have the ability for self- education and lifelong learning


    PSO1: To understand the concept in Electrical and Electronics Engineering and apply them to develop modules analyze assess the performance of various power system equipment, generation, transmission, utilization and protection mechanisms.
    PSO2: Design, develop, analyze and test electrical and electronics system: Deploy control strategies for electrical dives, power system networks, power electronics, high voltage and other related applications.