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Vision & Mision

Vision of PESCE:

An institution of high repute, imparting quality education to develop innovative and Humane engineers

Mission of PESCE:

Committed to develop students potential through high quality teaching learning processes and state of the art infrastructure

Vision of The Department:

A Department of high repute imparting quality education to develop innovative Computer application engineers and technocrats.

Mission of The Department:

Committed to
  • To provide state-of-the-art facilities with supportive environment for teaching and learning.
  • To prepare the students with curricula of industry expectation.
  • Train the students to be competent to solve the real world problems in the field of computer Applications with cutting-edge technology and nurturing the students with ethical values for well being in the society.



PEO-1. Educate students to be successful computer application professionals in a global environment.
PEO-2. To train the students with good technical and managerial skills so as to grasp, analyze, design and develop novel applications and solutions for real time problems.
PEO-3. To prepare students to adapt to the challenges of an ever changing world.
PEO-4. To encourage the students in professional and ethical attitude, effective communication skills, team work skills, multidisciplinary approach and ability to relate computer applications to broader social context.


PO-1. Ability to apply knowledge of mathematics and computer science in the field of computer application.
PO-2. Ability to understand, identify, formulate and solve the problems.
PO-3. Ability to use techniques and skills necessary for computer application.
PO-4. Ability to apply the impact of computer application in global, economic, environmental and societal context.
PO-5. Work as professionals with ethical decision making and moral behaviors.
PO-6. Ability to function individually, in team and in multi-disciplinary environment.
PO-7. Ability to communicate effectively.
PO-8. To engage in independent and life-long technical learning to keep in pace with the changes in technologies.