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Dr. Puttaswamy

Educational Qualifications
  • M.Sc., Ph.D
Areas of Interest
  • Graph Theory

National / International Journals

  • Puttaswamy, R.Poojitha (2020) “On Skew-Quotient of Randic’ and Sum-Connectivity Energy of Digraphs ”, Math.Combin.Book Ser. Vol.3, 69-82.
  • Puttaswamy, Bhavya C. A. (2020) “On Quotient of Randic’ and Sum-Connectivity Energy of Graphs”, Math.Combin.Book Ser. Vol.2, 88-100.
  • Purushothama S, Puttaswamy and Nayaka S R (2020),Pendant Domination in double Graph, Proceedings of Jangjeon Mathematical Society (PJMS), Volume 23 (2), (April).
  • Nayaka S R ,Puttaswamy and Purushothama S, (2020)Pendant Domination in Graphs, Journal of Combinatorial Mathematics and Combinatorial Computing, pp. 2019-230.Vol. 112,Issue.1 pages 219-229.