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Suggested Activities under III Cell

  • To identify and facilitate Guest Lectures, Interactive workshops, conferences, Faculty development programs, seminars, Brain Storming Sessions, Technical Discussions etc. with Members of the Industry, outside Experts, eminent personalities at regular intervals.
  • To conduct Industrial Training, Orientation Courses, Industrial Visits etc. for faculty and students at regular intervals.
  • To facilitate collaborative projects and consultancy involving faculty and students.
  • To conduct industrial exhibitions to highlight research facilities and expertise available with the institution.
  • Memorandum of Understanding between the Institute and industries for strategic partnership
  • To seek and associate Experts from Industry in Curriculum improvement and review.
  • To identify Continuing Education opportunities, short-term programmes and training needs of the Industry, which the institution can provide.
  • To promote revenue generating consultancy activities for the institution like Lab Testing, Calibration.
  • To assess periodically the scientific and technological scenario/ happenings in India and abroad in order to translate it into action for taking up future collaborative projects.