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Physical Infrastructure


The building consists of Head's chamber, office room/ departmental library room, six class rooms, three staff rooms, laboratory halls, seminar hall, CAD lab, ladies rest room.

SI.NO Particulars
1 Class rooms (6 nos)
2 Drawing Room
3 Staff Rooms(4 Nos)
4 Seminar Hall
5 Laboratory Halls
6 CAD Lab
7 Office/Dept. Library
8 Ladies rest room


SI.NO Particulars
1 Engines and Components Lab
2 Diagnosis & Reconditioning Lab
3 Automotive Chassis and Transmission Lab
4 Automotive Electricals and Autotronics Lab
5 Advanced Engine Testing Lab
6 CAD Lab
7 Service Station

Laboratory Facilities:

The department has well-equipped and spacious laboratories. All the laboratories have adequate equipments and demonstration kits, to conduct the practical as per the syllabus. The number of students per batch is 10 and two to three for each experiment. The laboratory experiments are consistent with the theory subjects to improve the fundamental understanding of the concepts and applications. Laboratories are also provided with required infrastructure facilities to carry out student projects and research activities

Computing Facilities: The department has a separate computer center with latest computing facilities (PCs). The laboratory is provided with latest Automobile engineering application software tools to train the students to acquire knowledge in the relevant subjects. The computer center has Local Area Network (LAN) system and internet facility. The students are allowed to use internet facility to achieve academic Excellency and to keep abreast with state of the CAD/CAM Technology.

Collaboration (Industrial / Institutional): Most of our student's projects are carried out in various Industries. Students are given opportunity to think about and solve the live problems which are given to them as projects by various industries. The student are guided by external guide in the industrial unit and supported by internal guide at the department level.