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Infrastructure / Facilities

Facilities available:

Department has enough 9 UG class rooms and 1 PG class room with all of them equipped with projectors. There are eight well equipped laboratories.


Presently the department has 10 different laboratories, viz. Digital electronics Lab, seven software labs with UPS and special furniture for computer users. The Department has been equipped with the state of the art computer systems, consisting of a total of about 200 Pentium Computers, with all necessary peripherals. A PESCE wide Intranet facility, based on a 2 Gbps fibre optic cable backbone has been installed. Several of these terminals are also provided with access to the Internet, for the benefit of both the staff and students of the Department of Computer Science & Engineering. There is also a campus wide Wi-Fi facility available.

Details of the computers available in the Department Laboratory :

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Summary of systems and equipments available in the Department Laboratories
(Purchased under TEQIP):

SI No. Equipment Quantity
1 IBM Blade Server : IBM 300GB x3 ADD, 8GB RAM ACER monitor, Raid controller module 49
2 Analog Multimeter 18
3 Digital Multimeter 44
4 Digital Oscilloscope (30MHz) 20
5 Function generator 46
6 Analog & Digital IC tester 05
7 Digital IC trainer kit 10
8 Patch card 220
9 Regulated power supply 06
10 Konica Minolta make Xerox machine/Printer/Scanner 01

List of Software available in the department

SI No. Software Details
1 Borland Turbo C++ Suite
2 Visual Studio Developing for the Enterprise :
Microsoft Backoffice server Ver4.5 8 CDs
Getting started setup guide for visual studio 6.0
Microsoft Visual studio 6.0 resources
Microsoft Visual Studio Version 6.0 Enterprise edition
Microsoft Backoffice server ver 4.5
Microsoft Visual Studio Ver 6.0 plus pack
3 Microsoft MSDN Library
4 Microsoft Office XP Version 2002
5 Microsoft Visual Studio Dot Net
6 Novell Netware Version 5.0 (50 Users) :
Novell Netware Ver 5.0 Network software (Overview & Installation)
Novell Netware Ver 5.0 Network software (Quick starts)
Novell Netware Ver 5.0 Network software (Oracle8 for Netware)
Novell Netware Ver 5.0 Network software (Online documentation)
Novell Netware Ver 5.0 Network software (Operating System)
7 Oracle 8i Release 8.1.5 for MS Windows NT
Oracle WebDB Ver 2.0.5 for Windows NT 4.0
Oracle Enterprise Manager Ver 2.0.4 Win-NT
8 Microsoft Office 2000 Professional
9 Boraland Turbo Assembler (TASM)
10 Java Complete Set
11 Microsoft Windows Server CAL 2012 Sngl Academic OPEN 1 License No. Level Device CAL Device CAL
12 Microsoft Windows Server STANDARD 2012 r2 Sngl Academic OPEN 1 License No. Level 2 PROC
13 Microsoft SQL Server Standard Core 2014 Sngl Academic
14 Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2013
15 Microsoft Office 2013 Academic
16 IBM Blade Server:
(Intel Xeon® CPU E5-2620 @2.00GHz, 8GB RAM, 500GBx4 SCSI HDD, 64 Bit OS)
17 Cloud Server :
StorVault Special purpose server with Intel chipset based , Intel dual processor, server motherboard, 2 x intel Xeon quad core processor, 16GB RAM, 2x500GB Boot drives, Add on 1xPCI Express to 4Gbps FC HBA, Redundant power supply.
StorVault unified storage system with dual controller, 2 x GbE ports 1 x 4Gbps FC ports per controller with 2TB raw capacity, Optimized OS license to support NFS, CIFS, ISCSI, RPS with rackmount

Facilities for Students:

  • IEEE & IETE Students Chapter for Technical activities
  • Financial assistance for Projects, Paper Presentations and Research
  • Well Stocked Departmental Library
  • Internet Facility for Browsing Technical Journals.
  • Hard copies of Online Journals
  • Sponsorship from Various Organizations for projects

Facilities for Faculties:

  • Computer in each faculty room.
  • Well Stocked Departmental Library.
  • Internet Facility for Browsing technical Journals.
  • Hard copies of Online Journals