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Physical Infrastructure


The building consists of Head's chamber, office room, seven class rooms, ten staff rooms, six laboratory halls, self- learning room, project room, ladies waiting room, 250 seater seminar hall and departmental library.

The total building space is 1422 square meters.

Ground Floor:904.74 SqMts
First Floor:760.72 SqMts
Second Floor:760.72 SqMts
Total:2426.18 SqMts

The various laboratories in the department are as follows:

1Analog Electronics Laboratory :III
2 Digital Circuits Design / Microcontroller Laboratory : III/ IV Sem
3Digital Signal Processing / Digital Design using Verilog HDL:V Sem /IV Sem
4 Optical and Analog Communication / Microwave & Digital communication Laboratory:V Sem / VI Sem
5 Analog and Digital VLSI Design Laboratory :VII Sem
6 Circuit Simulation Laboratory/ Computer Communication and Protocol Laboratory ::VI/VII Sem
7 Center of Excellence in Medical Imaging and VLSI Laboratory :

1 Faculty space 328.184 SqMts
2 Laboratory Space 604.405 SqMts
3 Students Space 496.33 SqMts
4 Experiential Learning Space 290.612 SqMts
5 Office Space 22.42 SqMts
6 Dept. Library Space 62 SqMts
Total 1803.951 SqMts

Total number of Computers: 210 Nos.

Application software for laboratories:

  • B2 SPICE : Code and development Electronics Ltd. Bangalore
  • Cadence Tool : Cadence
  • Xilinx V14.3 : Coreel Technologies, Bangalore
  • MatLab R2019
  • Vivado

Major equipments :

  • Spectrum Analyser
  • Light runner
  • Wicom T
  • LAN-T
  • Medical imaging analysis Systems
  • Special oscilloscopes
  • Logic Analyser
  • Digital Boards