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PET Research Foundation aims at addressing some of the most daunting scientific and technological challenges of social, industrial and national relevance. It also aims to foster the academy-industry interactions, spawn innovative, critical thinking and facilitate value addition for faculty and student fraternity. The main objective is to create an accommodative research ecosystem, which enables faculty members, research scholars and students to undertake such research initiatives. Research in simple terms refers to search for knowledge. It is a scientific and systematic search for information on a particular topic or issue. It is also known as the art of scientific investigation. Thus, research is an original addition to the available knowledge, which contributes to its further advancement.

Departments of Automobile, Civil, Computer Science, Electronics & Communication, Electrical & Electronics, Mechanical, MBA, MCA, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry recognized as Research Centers by Visvesvaraya Technical University, Belagavi as PET Research Centre to carry out research and to register candidates for Ph.D. and M.Sc. Engg., (By Research). PET Research Foundation is also recognized by University of Mysore to carry out research and to register candidates for Ph.D. and M.Sc. (Tech by research) in the field of Electronics, Computer Science, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics Commerce and Management.

The achievements in recent years are significant in terms of the number of successful submission of Doctoral Dissertations as well as Research publications. Today we have 135 Doctoral Dissertations and around 1994 technical articles to our credit. Our core areas of research include Advanced Materials, Condition Monitoring, Tribology, Structural Analysis, Fluid Systems, VLSI Design, Signal Processing, Biomedical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Image Processing, Network Forensics, Internet Of Things(IOT), Medical Image Processing, High Voltage Engineering, Basic Sciences to mention a few.

Activities: Candidates are enrolled as per the university norms. Regular meeting of the scholars and guides are held at least once in each semester. Several journals (IEEE, Science Direct, ASME, etc.) are subscribed to the library under TEQIP to facilitate research activities. The awardees are honoured every year for their achievements.