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Physical Infrastructure

Sl. No Particulars Numbers
01 Class Rooms (Theory) 06
02 HOD Chamber (Head of the Department) 01
03 Staff rooms (Individual) 02
04 Staff room (Provided Three staffs) 01
05 Store Room (Chemicals) 01
06 Preparation Room with Instruction room 01


Department of Chemistry have well equipped laboratory with area of about 4500 sq. ft. In this laboratory 30-35 students are accommodated per batch. The laboratory consists of four staff rooms, one store room, one preparation room and one instruction room. The laboratory has well equipped instruments for conducting the Engineering Chemistry experiments to B.E students and also provided different research instruments such as Gas Chromatography, Digital electric oven, pH meter, Potentiometer, Conductometer, Colorimeter, Flame photometer, Electronic balance and Thermostat.

Sl. No Types of Experiments Total
01 Volumetric Analysis 07
02 Instrumental Analysis 07